Innovate or Create


Business trends are changing rapidly.  With the globalization of business we can now be on a video chat with someone over 10,000 miles away in seconds.  Have new products delivered to your door daily and get a unique handmade item customized just with a click of a mouse.  If your business does not innovate and use the available resources you will get left behind.  

Our amazing partner marketing expert Jackie Camacho-Ruiz shares how being at the rock bottom in business spark innovation and turned a 180 in her own business.  


Innovate and Create

Your business can't survive without constant innovation.  You have to stay aware of new marketing and business trends, and adjust to the cyber world that we live in.  You must innovate, or you will fail. 

I do this by listening to my clients and the people around me.  2009 was one of the most difficult years for a lot of businesses.  In fact, a lot of them went out of business, and many barely made it.  My innovation came into play when we saw small businesses suffer; they were losing market share, and I became disillusioned to see it happening.  

Even though we went through a rough patch ourselves, we survived by being innovative and creative.  We came up with a small business marketing report that we priced very affordably.  We created an economic stimulus marketing seminar where we provided marketing basics for business owners to go along with the marketing report.  

We ended up doing a series of three seminars throughout the year in conjunction with the local chamber of commerce.  This project was one of the reasons why our growth margin and gross profits from 2008 to 2009 were up 56 percent during one of the worst economic times in years.  Had we not been innovative, listened to what the marketplace was telling us, and changed accordingly, we probably wouldn't have achieved that growth.  

Listen to the marketplace to adjust to changes and shifts in the paradigm, especially now in the cyber era.  Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  Be an innovator, be the first one to apply technology, be the first one to combine technologies for your clients.

Move to a place that is uncomfortable (in front of the product curve).  

List some things that you might be afraid to change. 

Remember, you stay in business by constantly innovating.  


Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is an award winning author, entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and marketing and PR expert.

With a passion for inspiring fellow entrepreneurs she has authored such books as "The Little Book of Business Secrets that Work (also available in Spanish)" that would give you amazing tips dedicated helping your business grow. As a proven expert in marketing Jacqueline is also the make it happen director of JJR Marketing, an incredible and versatile firm which creates strategic opportunities for brand awareness, lead generation and customer loyalty for your small business.

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