Pretty Fingers

Inspiration, passion, compassion, awesome, these are some of the words that describe ToniAnn Fedele.  For the past 3 years ToniAnn has established a program to increase self-confidence, self-care and self-love.  It is called Pretty Fingers and we have the pleasure of supporting ToniAnn's efforts.  Find out the details below: 

Pretty Fingers is Collecting NEW Nail Polish and Nail Supplies for CAWC & St. Elizabeth

CHICAGO – On December 4, 2014

ToniAnn Fedele created a project called “Pretty Fingers” where she began collecting new nail polish and nail supplies to donate to “Connections for Abused Women and their Children.” (CAWC). Even the smallest gestures of support help women and children who have fled from abusive relationships, it also increases survivor’s ability to remain free from abuse. The project aims at helping the women and children survivors of abuse by inspiring self-confidence, self-care, and self-love.

With "Pretty Fingers," the ability to provide pretty hands for those who were once
abused by the terrible hands of those that they once loved becomes a reality. Looking down at beautifully manicured hands help women and children remember how brave they were to fight back,” said ToniAnn. “My donation is a token of my appreciation as they start on their new life

Pretty Fingers has already received incredible support, in 2015, alone, ToniAnn was able
to donate 1,121 bottles of new nail polish and over 200 nail supplies. In 2016 she donated 1,196 bottles of new nail polish and over 250 nail supplies to CAWC. Her goal for 2017 is to donate at least 1,300 bottles of new nail polish with over 300 nail supplies.

In addition to her donation to CAWC, she will be donating to an adolescent girl’s
psychiatric hospital under the umbrella of the Chicago Children’s Center for Behavioral Health at St. Elizabeth Hospital. ToniAnn was told that the girls at this hospital would love to have a day to do their nails. Therefore, she is going to donate 50 bags filled with nail polish to them. “I know how great a fresh manicure and a new nail polish color make me feel, so I want the women and children at CAWC and the girls from the psychiatric hospital to feel the same,” said ToniAnn.

To make a donation you can email and you can also
join her Facebook page called “Pretty Fingers” (Public Group). Donations for this project will be accepted through April 8, 2017.

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