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Have you found your passion yet? The reason you started your business.  The face of a customer when your items brighten their day.  Find out how our amazing customer Lizbeth found her passion and has been delighting her customers ever since.  Lizbeth has turned her passion into an incredible following that is growing everyday in her native Puerto Rico.

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How did you discover your love for scarves?

I started buying scarves for my mom and I. I’m in love with the many ways you can wear them, and all the different styles you can use and create yourself! A scarf is more than just an accessory; it’s a conversation piece.

Why did you decided to start your own business?

At first I only bought them for my personal use and for my mom. Then, Mom started helping me sell pashminas to her coworkers. In that moment I saw an opportunity and decided to take the shot. Every time the orders for scarves were bigger. My clients love them!

 What was your biggest challenge in starting your business?

Identifying what would make Lizbeth Pashminas stand out. You can find a scarf at any store, so I had to define my unique offering: price, delivery, and variety. We deliver at our client’s convenience, which is another thing they really appreciate.

Tell us what are the biggest fashion trends in Puerto Rico right now?

In shoes, mules and tennis are very popular among women right now. Fashion wise, bright colors and flowers are really trending right now. Also we have a special recent trend of men dying their hair blonde and using #TeamRubios as a gesture of support for Puerto Rico’s team at the World Baseball Classic 2017.

As a young business owner what advice do you have for other young people looking to start their own business?

If you’re going to start your own business, you have to do it in something that you feel passion for, this way it will be like a hobby and not just a job. I encourage everyone to dare to do what they want, and to dream big! Things can go better than you’d imagine when you’re brave enough to try.

What is most rewarding about owning your own business?

The look on my clients’ faces when they see their scarf for the first time. It’s like watching a kid’s face in Christmas! And the freedom you have working on your own time, and making your own business decisions is really great.

You have a great following on social media, such as on Facebook and Instagram do you have any advice for us on how to gain more followers?

I always have on the top of my mind that content is all in social media. I always think about my target, and what they would love to see in my pages. The social media gurus advise a lot of things, but you have to find what works best for you and your target, that is my best advice.

What is your favorite color of pashmina now?

I’m very neutral. My favorites are: gold, beige or ivory.

What goals do you have for Lizbeth Pashmina's in 2017?

I want to keep up the sales and the engagement in social media. And I’m really excited to discover new styles and trends in scarves that I can share my clients!

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place but what are your favorite cities to visit in the mainland United States?

I love to visit Miami! It’s very much like Puerto Rico, and I love the nightlife, plus my best friend lives there. Also, San Francisco - I had the opportunity to visit it last year for work, and I’m really looking forward to going it again very soon. And of course, New York, because who doesn’t love New York?

Where can customers find your store?

They can find me as Lizbeth Pashminas on Instagram and Facebook, or they can visit the website: I encourage everyone to check them out; they might just find something they like! And feel free to message me at any time because I love helping someone find the scarf that’s just right!

Thank you Lizbeth for being an amazing customer and for inspiring our fellow entrepreneurs.


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