MALYBGG Feather-Trimmed Bodycon One-Shoulder Dress 2887LY


SKU: 2887LY-Black-S M L: 1-1-1
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3 PACK/ $37.3 Per Piece

  1. Radiant Allure: Rhinestone and Feather-Trimmed Bodycon One-Shoulder Dress
  2. Dazzling Elegance: Stretchy One-Shoulder Dress adorned with Heat-Set Rhinestones and Feathers
  3. Glamorous Contours: Body-Hugging, One-Shoulder Gown featuring Rhinestone Embellishments and Feather Trim
  4. Chic Fit: Elastic One-Shoulder Dress with Rhinestones, Feathers, and a Flattering Hipline Embrace
  5. Feathered Sophistication: One-Shoulder Bodycon Dress with Rhinestones and Hipline Emphasis