MALYBGG Mesh Rhinestone Accent Halterneck Short Dress 6703LY


SKU: 6703LY-Pink-S M L: 1-1-1
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3 PACK/ $25.2 Per Piece

  1. Solid Mesh Rhinestone Embellished Halterneck Mini Dress with Open Back
  2. Monochrome Mesh Embroidered Halterneck Bodycon Mini Dress with Backless Design
  3. Single Color Sheer Fabric Embellished Halterneck Short Dress with Body-hugging Fit and Exposed Back
  4. Plain Mesh Rhinestone Accent Halterneck Short Dress with Bodycon Silhouette and Revealing Back
  5. Solid Color Mesh Rhinestone Halterneck Short Dress with Form-fitting Cut and Backless Detail